Target Open Day 2018
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Target and Servers Plus 20th Anniversary Workshops

“You have too many workshops – I can’t possibly see everything I want to” is a comment we get all the time. We know, and we’re sorry. But it’s far better than the alternative. And if anything, it means you have to be selective prioritise the ones you really, really can’t afford to miss.

The workshops are central to our ethos of delivering value at the Open Day, and we’d much rather provide far too much than not enough. This year was no different with advice from a wide range of experts on subjects includingwebsite optimisation, cybercrime, smart home, mesh, servers, storage, networking, internet security, VPN, the latest trends in gaming, VR and the wider IT market, and more.

Outside experts included SEO specialists Blue Digital, The Yorkshire and Humber Organised Crime Unit and market-watchers Gfk and Context World. We had presentations from our established vendors like HPE, Fujitsu, WD, Energenie and Tenda, workshops from 2 of our new partners – Thermaltake and ECS – plus the launch of our own Cloud service. And of course, how to get the best out of our In-Store PC Builder.

Where possible, we have made the presentations available for you to view and download. Just click the 'Resources' tab to the left or click here.