Open Day


Photo Gallery from the Target Open Day 2016

Robert Llewellyn at the Target Open Day 2016If you came, you'll know just how jam-packed it was. Plus it's likely you'll pop-up somewhere in one of the galleries. So have a look and see if you can find yourself!

If you didn't or couldn't make it we're sorry. It was a great day - that's what people are saying. But don't take our word for it - have a look.

Choose what you want to see from menu. Click the thumbnails to open the full-sized photos. Use the arrows - or your left/ right keys - to navigate backward and forwards. 

If you'd like to download anything you're more than welcome. After you've found a photo you'd like right click on it, select the option 'Save image as' and save to where you want to keep it. It's that simple - the image is yours! Happy browsing...

Exhibition Gallery

The exhibition is the heart of the Day. And with 38 stands there was plenty to see and do...

Workshops Gallery

It's our focus on Business Advice that defines our Open Day. You tell us it's what makes ours unique and better than anyone else's...

Evening Gallery

After a hard day's work... PARTAY!

Welcome Gallery

Gallery here

Welcome Session Gallery

Paul kicked-off 2016 with a few words of introduction. He set the scene, pointing out some choice vendors and workshops. GfK and Context World joined in with 'teasers' on their sessions...

Q&A Session Gallery

You like to have your say - we like to hear it and respond. Bring the two together and you've a Q&A session...