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Business Workshops at the Target Components Open Day 2023

A lot has changed since our last Open Day - the IT trade was been thrown into the spotlight as people had to work, play and socialise remotely during lockdowns, technology has moved on significantly and so have buying habits. People are shopping around more than ever - so what can you do to help your business grow? How do you stand out from the crowd? What's available to help you achieve your company's goals?

To help you, we're curating a range of business workshops and seminars at this year's Open Day. As ever, these will be tailored to our customers and hosted by Target and a range of experts, to help provide you with as much information across a wide range of subjects as we can in a single day.

Below is a list of some of the subjects we'll be covering on 29th September.

For the full timetable of the day's business Workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations, click the 'Workshops Timetable' tab to the left.

Uncover the secret sauce to boost your marketing.

It's time to tap into the often-overlooked potency of your audience. Uncover the critical components that many marketing strategies omit – from the precision of segmentation to the goldmine of feedback. These aren't just theoretical concepts; they're the secret sauce for boosting your marketing. With Emma's expert guidance, you'll learn from real-life examples and explore practical techniques that guarantee immediate, tangible improvements.'s be quiet!

Known the World over for amazingly quiet high-performance cases, coolers and power supplies, German manufacturer be quiet! will be introducing their current product lineup, including a UK EXCLUSIVE glimpse of their latest products, as well as providing a roadmap for their next gen range. Find out why be quiet! is the choice of SIs, businesses and gamers and why silence makes for much more efficient computing.

10 Ways to Save Tax!

Join WDS for an informative session that can help individuals and businesses save money legally. This session will provide attendees with ten practical and effective strategies to reduce their tax burden. These strategies will be presented by experienced tax professionals who will explain and provide actionable advice for attendees to implement. Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or an individual taxpayer, this session is a must-attend to learn how to optimise your tax savings and achieve your financial goals.

Outlook for Consumer Spending, Inflation, and Interest Rates.

Paul is one of the Bank of England’s representatives in Yorkshire and the Humber. He will set out how the Bank sets the interest rate to target inflation, its forecasts for consumer spending and inflation, and the latest thoughts from the Monetary Policy Committee on future interest rates.

Growing Your Business Through Effective Social Media Marketing.

Most people do it, and most people complain about it, but social media platforms are invaluable for small businesses. But are you wasting time by not posting the right things? Should you be interacting with other groups? How do you measure a 'successful' social media campaign? Should you pay for social media advertising? Are there some easy wins that will get you seen locally or nationally? Find out the answers and a lot more as Richard from Dark Cherry Creative provides valuable insight from a lot of years' experience.

Get Into The Growing Education & Hospitality Markets with Dahua

Interactive Smart Whiteboards are no longer the clunky, unresponsive screens they used to be - these new tactile screens are firm favorites with educational establishments like schools and colleges, but they're just as popular in conference rooms, boardrooms, and other meeting places for participants to join in, whether on-site or not. Let Dahua introduce you to a potential new revenue stream that includes whiteboards, digital signage and large-format displays.

Success Is All In The Mind(set).

Success is the outcome of good performance. Whether in sport, business or creative industries, there’s a consensus amongst people at the top of their game that mindset is the #1 differentiator. Adam will explore what sets them apart and provide you with some simple techniques to approach your business with a winning mindset and achieve whatever you set out to do...

Cybercrime: How To Spot It, What To Do About It.

West Yorkshire Police will be attending the Open Day to talk about something we get asked about a lot - Cybercrime. They will be hosting a business workshop to tell you how to act and how you can protect your own business from the threats of cybercrime. They'll also be available on-stand in our exhibition for you to discuss any problems you've encountered, one-to-one.

Free Up Cash & Spread Risk with Leasing.

Big projects and expensive equipment can be a huge burden on anyone's cashflow - and that could mean giving up valuable investment in other things. But there is another way...Leasing and finance options are a great way of spreading risks, costs and accelerating your growth, whether it's in new fields, or to undertake those projects you could do if only you had the cash to do them. Join Bluestone for an informative presentation on the benefits of leasing and how you can profit again and again.

Winning Business with Target PC Build Services.

We believe we have the World's best from-scratch PC configurator - choose any component and build your PC around it. But did you know we also provide unique PC Build Services? Join Cory, the architect of the In-Store, Custom & Quick PC Builders who will show you how you can win business, offer virtually any PC your customers want, and even get your own custom range of PCs built by Target, complete with your own branding and more.

Keeping Your Business and Branding fresh

Creating that curb appeal, giving your customer a good experience in-store visually, how to promote products in-store, all of these are constant niggles for retailers. So why not get some advice from a ‘tried & tested’ perspective. We are delighted to welcome Mark and Kellie from Rayleigh Computer Shop who will give you their journey and share some creative ideas on how they have improved on their experiences with Open Day attendees – everything from the research, the planning, the failures, and the successes.

Unlock Mental Health Awareness: Be in the Know, Make a Difference!

Are you mental health aware? Join our 30-minute transformative session and discover: - What is mental health? - Triggers and signs of mental ill health - How to start a conversation about mental health. Elaine from Kinelix will be presenting this thought-provoking workshop on mental health awareness. She'll also be in the main exhibition where she's inviting you to speak to her in complete confidentiality about any questions you may have about yourself or your employees.

Employee Ownership Association.

Target is just celebrating its 1st Anniversary as an employee owned business. There have been big changes for the better as a result - both for the owner and staff alike. The EOA will be presenting a workshop that will help you find out what the benefits are, if there are any pitfalls and, most importantly, if it's the right choice for your business. They'll also be exhibiting so you can talk to them about what your options mighht be in person.

How To Drive Productivity For Your Business.

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of your business and drive growth? Yet, want to do this by working smarter not harder?  In today's competitive landscape, efficiency and productivity are key differentiators for small businesses aiming to achieve sustainable growth. Whether you work on your own or with a team, this session will delve into proven strategies and insights to help optimise, streamline, and drive productivity. Sarah from SL-Coach will empower you with practical techniques and real-world examples that can be immediately implemented within your business.

1500 Products Available Without Stocking A Single One.

Our Flexible Product Feeds Service allows you to offer over 1500 products without having to buy any of them, whether it's on online marketplaces using our e-commerce templates, or on your own website. We provide all the product information, including images, you choose the prices from category or brand level, right down to individual products - we'll even whitelabel them and deliver straight to your customer. Find out how this can transform your business, increase footfall and promote your other services with the channel's most comprehensive feeds system.

The Resilience Roadtrip!

Are you a resilience roadster? Not sure? Park up and pop 30 minutes on the parking meter and get ready for the ultimate Resilience Roadtrip, where fuel, focus, drive, flex, and friends drive us forward! Learn how to weather difficult situations, brace yourself for problems and come out the other side fighting...and a lot wiser. Join Elaine from Kinelix for a invaluable advice on adapting to changes, unforseen circumstances and disruptions that won't derail your business.

Business Networking - Why and How It Works

Target joined We Are Wakefield Ltd, a collaborative business community, earlier this year - and it's been a blessing! We've saved money and found new customers just from going to monthly events and interacting with other members. Not only is business networking a great way of meeting other businesses and generating leads, it's also a great way of finding products and services you need for your own business. Managing Director of We Are Wakefield, Claire Sutherley, will be talking about the benefits of networking, what you can expect from attending events and how to make it work for you.

Workshops Timetable

Workshops Timetable

Target Open Day 2023 Business Workshops Timetable

If there's a way of justifying a day out of your normal working day, it's this...we told you it was going to be busy. A day of FREE business-focused workshops, presentations, and demonstrations, tailored specifically for Target customers to help them grow their businesses, be it through expanded product knowledge, new skills, or learning new efficiencies. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity you can't get anywhere else, make sure you're registered.

For more information on each of the Workshops below, click the Timetable itself or the Workshops menu:

Target Open Day 2023 Business Workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations