Open Day


Target and servers Plus Open Day Exhibition

Whatever your business – retailer, etailer, consultant, B2C, B2B, system builder, repairer, whatever – our aim is to stage a Day packed with things of interest.

As well as the general exhibition this year’s featured special Zones - dedicated spaces to showcase key products and services. A Gaming Zone for all the systems builders and players. A Smart Home Zone for all interested in this breaking business opportunity. And an Enterprise Zone for everyone interested in B2B IT products and services. Whoever you are there was an abundance of things to see and do.

See what went into setting up the main exhibition room in the video below - 9 hours condensed into 3 minutes:

Target Stands

Target Exhibition Stand at the 2017 Open Day

You look for outstanding value. So we aim is to present you quality products at really keen prices. That’s what we do on the Target stands.

This year we featured a host of products. Our Cronus brand of power supplies and cases. The popular Genius range of peripherals. Mobile phone spares. EvoLabs new LED fans. Manufacturer refurbished laptops and PCs.

We also staged our Pre-Built and Custom-Build computers. Stands devoted to showcase our range of time-saving, ready to sell machines as well as the star of the show, our market-leading ‘In-Store PC Builder’. It’s the only builder where you can start from any component - even a screw. Including our expert, 3-year warranty, build services, it’ a unique premium service you can’t get anywhere else.

Exhibitor Stands

Exhibitors at the  Target Servers Plus Open Day

The Open Day is an exhibition of the tried and trusted suppliers we stock. It’s a show-case of the selected suppliers we use. Names like Kingston, ASRock, and Bullguard were there. As were Hitachi-LG, Gigabyte Boards and Graphics, HP Enterprise and Fujitsu.

But what turns the show from just a day out to time well spent are the conversations that get had. The value comes from what’s said between you and the brands is what makes the difference. You: talking about their products, your needs and suggestions for improvements. Them: listening and asking questions about what you say as well as talking about their brands and upcoming developments. Conversations are a vital part of making the Day feel worthwhile. Take a look at the gallery. See who was there. Get a feel for what was going on...


Target and ServersPlus Open Day Exhibition Floorplan