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Hello! Well, the 2017 Open Day has come and gone. And this website celebrates all its best bits. You’ll find the Target Open Day really is unlike any other Trade Show. Don’t believe me? Whether you’re a customer, an exhibitor or a presenter browse the site and find out.

You’ll find galleries, videos and downloads on this site. It’s a record of pretty much everything that went on. Whether you came or not go ahead and see what happened. And if you want to download any of the images and presentations go ahead.

Our challenge is to make 2018 better. And with next year being Target’s 20th Birthday it’s game on. But while we’ve started planning can I ask for feedback? Anything about what you liked, didn’t and could have been better. Comments, suggestions and ideas are all welcome. Just email us at

Was it any good?

Was this year's Open Day any good? Here's what people had to say: 

"I'd like to express my gratitude to you and your team for putting on this years Open Day. As you know, this was my first Target Open Day and I wasn't sure what to expect.

I'm pleased to say I had a great time, met lots of new contacts, came away with a lot of information to digest over the next few days and feel that I have a deeper understanding of how Target operates. It was a great opportunity for the PCRN members to all meet up too as it's the first time a lot of us have met - all of our members have spoken very positively about the day.

Very well done for pulling off such an event, I can't even imagine the huge amount of work that must go on behind the scenes to make it all possible.

I look forward to next year!"
Dan, Bude Computers

"Congratulations on another fantastic Open Day. Great atmosphere, positive engagement, looking forward to times ahead.

Thank you for all you support." Alex, Akasa

"I would love to come again next year!

Thank you for the opportunity to present and have a stand at your Open Day, it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

I thought the day was run brilliantly. There was a good balance in the timing of the workshops, meaning that you could attend a presentation every hour whilst still having time to get around all the stands and network.

On a personal note it was great to meet you for the first time as well.

Having the opportunity to discuss trends and how the market is developing with independent retailers and system builders, among others, was hugely beneficial. Also it was nice to receive feedback on our Gaming and VR workshop and how it had helped some retailers realise the opportunity in the VR market and how they would now consider stocking these products. Overall I thought the day was a great success. The variety of exhibitors and attendees added to what was a very professionally run day."Nick, Context

"I've already had people email me back to say how useful the social media seminar was - including 1 person who's said he's already made changes to his social media as per my suggestions at the seminar." 
Esther, Social Progress

"Once again, James and I found the whole day inspirational.

I loved your first briefing and look forward to seeing others when they become available on the web.

You don’t have to do these shows, but you do and I thank you all for the time and effort you put in to make them as good as they are." Matthew, Wildman Computers

"Thanks again for inviting us to your event and the day was really successful for Gigabyte.

I don’t really have any suggestions as everything was good and all went to plan. Count us in for next year too." Nigel, Gigabyte

"Thanks so much for Friday, it was a great success for Cooler Master and we believe it will help us grow our customer base."
Katie, CoolerMaster

"Thanks again for the time last week for our meeting and also for organizing the awesome Target open day event! 

We had a blast and made some great connections from the event which we are sure to follow up on." Roni, CoolerMaster

"Thanks to you and your team, Paul, a very good, well thought-out and enjoyable day - from the manufacturers that joined, to the workshops especially the GDPR one." Mat, White Knight IT Solutions

"Thanks so much for inviting me to your Open Day, I thought the event went really well with a friendly and hospitable Target team and passionate, interested exhibitors."
Simon, The Creative Engine

"I had an absolutely fantastic day, I don’t think I went 2 minutes without speaking to a customer."
Alison, Aruba

"Thank you for everything, we had a great time."
John & Pat, JDC Media Europe



FAQs from the Target and Servers Plus Open Day
Can I get photos of the day?
Yes. Hundreds were taken during the day and the best ones are in the galleries. Just visit, browse and to download, click on select the one you want, then right click and select 'Save image as'. Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I get the workshop videos?
Yes - respecting the confidentiality requirements of some presenters. For those that are available download them directly from YouTube (you may need the appropriate add-in for your browser.) Once you've got that, go to the 'Workshops' tab and select one you want. [Please note if you attended the Open Day, you'll be able to watch the whole video once you've logged into your account. If you didn't attend, you'll only be able to see the first few minutes of the video.] Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I get hold of workshop presentation slides?
Yes - respecting the confidentiality requirements of some presenters. Workshop presentations are available to everyone who attended the Day. Choose from ShopTalk or Adviser Workshops using the relevant page in the Workshops tab. Against each you'll see a 'Download' button if you're logged-in (if you don't, pop over to the Target website, login to your account, come back and refresh the page). Click the download button and save to your drive. Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I give feedback about the Open Day?
Yes. Everyone who attended has been invited to comment - Paul's sent you a message. If you've missed this or didn't attend no matter, just email your thoughts to It's your Day - we need your ideas about how to make it better.

Can I register for 2018?
Yes. We'd be extremely happy to hear from you now. Just email and we'll add you to the 2018 Open Day mailing list. As soon as registrations formally open we'll let you know first and you can bag a place at the dinner or a room at the venue. And we won't spam you, we promise!

Can I talk to someone about the 2018 Open Day?
Yes. We'd love to hear from you - really. No issue is too big or small - just make contact. Call us on 01977 739 300 and ask for the Open Day Team, or email