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Business Workshops at the Target Open Day 2016

Guest Presenters at the Target Open Day 2016Our Open Days are defined by one thing: they’re all about helping you build a better business. So they have to be about more than just suppliers and vendors - they have to include business advice too.

This year our line-up of expert presenters was second to none. If our roll-call of suppliers was ambitious that for our business advisers was outstanding. We went out of our way to invite experts relevant to all your different businesses.

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ShopTalk Workshops

ShopTalk Workshops at the Target Open Day 2016

ShopTalk - our in-house customer business development service - is central to the Open Day. Dedicated to helping you grow and win more customers it's a not-for-profit unit we run for your benefit.

This year ShopTalk presented two different sessions around one theme – the psychology behind marketing best practices. Why? How difficult can creating some artwork be? Well, therein lies the issue.

Creating artwork isn't difficult. What is, is creating effective artwork. Creating designs that scythe through the noise and captivate. That has nothing to do with being good at Photoshop. And it certainly has nothing to do with "cool".

Our workshops “Pay Attention” and “Inside Customers’ Minds” took a long hard look at this. We got inside how our attention works and why. And we learned how it can be sparked in ways we just can't ignore. We learned what "grabbing attention" really means and how to do it.

To see and download the presentation slides, click the links below. To view the videos, click here and follow the instructions.

Note: The ShopTalk workshops will also be serialised on the blog over the coming weeks. The blogs will include additional in-depth narrative expanding on the videos and giving you more valuable insights. Why not subscribe and get alerts as soon as they're published?

Adviser Workshops

Guest Presenter Business Advice Workshops at the Target Open Day 2016

This year we staged nine expert advisers in addition to ShopTalk. That's far more than ever before. Amazon and Google headlined our billing with talks on becoming a merchant and using Adwords.

We also attracted BCMS, market leaders in the sale of privately owned businesses and St James’s Place Wealth Management to talk about how to price and create value in your business.

Bid Perfect presented on writing winning bids and Productivity Leaders on improving workshop productivity. Kit Guru covered off how to win reviewer awards. Ramsdens Solicitors on the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. GfK presented on trends in the IT marketplace and Context World key research on the market for VR. Baltic Training spoke about how to find the perfect apprentice.

Quite a list! And something for everyone.

To see and download the presentation slides, click the links below. To view the videos, click here and follow the instructions.



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Workshop Timetable

We said it was a busy Day. Four rooms of workshops, three of them running sessions back-to-back. Yes, we put on a lot. Yes, it was more than you could see. But we did this for a reason. With too much to see you'll opt to see what interests you most. So you have a Day to remember - packed only with things you wanted to do. What about the stuff you missed? No problem, all the presentation slides and videos are here - use the menu and click through to what you want to see.  

Workshops Schedule at the Target Open Day 2016

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Wherever possible, we recorded the workshop presentations. We did this so you could remind yourself about what you saw or see what you didn't.

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If you didn't attend and can't watch the videos, you can download copies of the presentation slides - click ShopTalk Workshops or Adviser Workshops to return to the relevant pages.


Adviser Videos

Adviser Videos

Adviser Videos

Adviser Videos