Open Day


Exhibition at the Target Open Day 2016

This year's exhibition was ambitious. Whatever your business – retailer, etailer, consultant, B2C, B2B, system builder, repairer, whatever – we went all out to create a Day packed with things for you.

The result? 38 exhibitors - 13 more than last year - packed across 5 rooms. And an abundance of things to see and do no matter who you were.

See what went into setting up the main exhibition room in the video below - 9 hours condensed into 3 minutes:

Amongst the vendors were bands like Intel, HP Enterprise and Three. XFX and Gigabyte demo’d VR. E-Blue staged a multi-team contest of the new “Unreal Tournament”. Biostar showcased an overclocked water-cooled PC. NightWatcher demo’d robotic CCTV. Shield were embroidering workwear while-u-wait...

Google were on hand to advise one-to-one on using Adwords, Amazon on being a merchant and using their fulfillment services. BCMS were advising on how to sell your business. St James's Place Wealth Management on pensions and investments. GfK and Context were advising on upcoming trends and what's expected 'hot' for this Christmas...

It goes on. We said it was ambitious. But don’t just take our word, have a look at the galleries and judge for yourselves. See first-hand why we're being told the 2016 Open Day is the best we’ve ever staged...

Exhibition Floorplan

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Target Stands

Our own brands are a key part of our offer. No Open Day would be complete without us presenting you what we do.

Custom PCs at the Target Open Day 2016For retailers we had a stand of products for sale in shops. The Cronus stand showcased our own brand of power supplies and cases. We also presented our prebuilt PCs – introduced to save you time with a range of ready to sell machines.

Our market-leading ‘In-Store PC Builder’ also featured. It’s the only builder where you can literally start from any component - even a screw. If you love building systems use its logic to double-check your specs. If you're strapped for time use our expert, 3-year warranty, build services. However you use it our ‘In-Store PC Builder’ is special. It really is a unique premium service from Target at a great price.

Lastly, building on last years stand featuring NAS and the "Internet of Things", we dedicated space to "Home Automation". With trememdous interest in the potential and possibilities available from connected devices in the home, this stand proved a real attraction to many.

Exhibitor Stands

Exhibitors at the Target Open Day 2016The Open Day is a Trade Show. It’s an exhibition of selected suppliers we use. This year’s had many of the tried and trusted suppliers we stock. Names like Kingston, ASRock, Three and Bullguard were some there. As were several new and high profile brands. Names like Intel, XFX, Hitachi-LG, E-Blue, Gigabyte Boards and Graphics, and HP Enterprise. The 2016 line up really had something for everyone.

But what makes for a day that feels like time well spent are the conversations had. What matters is the chat that goes on. You about their products, your needs and suggestions for improvements. Them about their brands and upcoming developments. Conversations are a vital part of making the Day feel worthwhile. Take a look at the gallery. See who was there. Get a feel for what was being said...

Exhibition Floorplan

For 2016 we moved to the Cedar Court Hotel Bradford – we’d simply outgrown the Village Hotel Leeds. It’s not there was any problem it’s that the scale of the Open Day, the evening meal and entertainments demanded something more suitable. It was all becoming too big and we simply needed something more appropriate.

With any move comes a new facility. New rooms and a new layout. We’d moved to iron out some niggles. A critical issue was using the same room for the exhibition and the evening meal. This really caused us an operational headache. Seminar rooms were also inconvenient from the exhibition hall with some located on different floors. None of this with our new home - just take a look.

Open Day 2016 Floorplan