Open Day


Welcome to the 2015 Open Day website. It was our biggest Open Day yet with more exhibitors and workshops than ever before. This site’s all about what went on during the Day.

Aside from the exhibition, there was a full day's agenda of all-new business workshops, product launches, special events, all culminating in the evening meal and the ShopTalk National IT Reseller Awards this year hosted by none other than ex-World Snooker Champion, Dennis Taylor..

As you'll see, there's galleries of photos from the day which you can view and download. If you attended, you'll be able to download many of the business workshop videos and presentations. You can even see the winners of the ShopTalk National IT Reseller Awards, see why their peers voted for them, even take away some ideas for you to use yourselves.

And that's what's at the heart of the Target Open Day - sharing ideas on how to make your own business better, get ideas from others, share the things that have worked for you.

So we need to know what you think: what you liked, what could be better, suggestions, anything – whether you came along or didn’t - please, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you – just email us at

Here’s to 2016!

Paul Cubbage




Paul Cubbage

Managing Director, Target Components Limited



Was it Any Good?

No-one likes a show off. So we're not going there. Instead, here's what others said about the Day:


Can I get photos of the day?
Yes you can. During the day several hundred were taken and the best ones are available in the galleries. Just visit and browse. To download, click on the one you want to get the full-size version, then right click and select 'Save image as'. Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I get the workshop videos?
Yes you can - respecting the confidentiality requirements of some presenters (Google, Amazon and Ramsdens Solicitors). For those that are available you can download them directly from YouTube - though you may need the appropriate add-in for your browser. Once you've got that, go to the 'Workshops' tab and select one you want. [Please note if you attended the Open Day, you'll be able to watch the whole video once you've logged into your account. If you didn't attend, you'll only be able to see the first few minutes of the video.] Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I get hold of workshop presentation slides?
Yes you can - respecting the confidentiality requirements of some presenters (Google, Amazon and Ramsdens Solicitors). The workshop presentations are available to everyone who attended the Day. Choose from ShopTalk or Adviser Workshops using the relevant page in the Workshops tab. Against each presentation you'll see a 'Download' button if you're logged-in (if you don't, pop over to the Target website, login to your account, come back and refresh the page). Click the download button and save the materials to your drive. Any questions or issues drop us a line on

Can I give feedback about the Open Day?
Yes you can. Everyone who attended has been invited to comment - Paul's sent you a message. If you've missed this or didn't attend no matter, just email your thoughts to It's your Day - we need your thoughts.

Can I register for 2017?
Yes you can. We'd be extremely happy to hear from you now. Just email and we'll add you to the 2017 Open Day mailing list. As soon as 2017 registrations formally open we'll let you know first and you can bag a place at next year's dinner or a room at next year's venue. And we won't spam you, we promise!

Can I talk to someone about next year's Open Day?
Yes you can. We'd love to hear from you - really. No issue is too big or small - just make contact. Call us on 01977 739 300 and ask for the Open Day Team, or email It's be good to hear from you.